Interview with a Pro: Tenikka Hughes

Tenikka Hughes, News Anchor at CBS 47 and Fox 30

On March 24th, some members of the TLAM Newspaper Club got a burst of inspiration from Mr. Jackson: how would you like to interview a real news anchor? Since Mrs. Hughes works live during the meeting times for our club, members prepared their questions to send to her. In just a few days, Mrs. Hughes sent her interview. News Club members feel honored that someone with her knowledge and experience took the time to share this and to provide inspiration to them! What a great way to wrap up Women’s History Month!

You can hear her responses to the interview here:

Thank you, Mrs. Hughes for taking the time to answer our questions!

*A collaboration of the TLAM Newspaper Club. Thank you Giuliet and Matthew for the awesome questions, and thanks Charlie for the striking title! Let’s not forget Mr. Jackson for always bringing out-of-the-box ideas to our TLAM Newspaper Club!

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